Nos City Overview

Journal - 5/2

Today I needed to get moving quickly. I headed out to pick up my box van from the storage lot. I then went to pick up my “order” from Best Buy. The employees were taken back because they didn’t remember ordering this palate of equipment. But their systems said it was right and a little use of presence didn’t hurt.

I dumped the palate off at a location that was easy to access with my golf cart. I returned the box van to its hiding place. It took me 4 trips in the golf cart to get the equipment to my haven. But it was worth it. Unfortunately I had other things to do and couldn’t play with my new toys right then.

I headed to Mason’s office to find people there, so I headed to his home first. His butler was still up and a knock at the door was all that I needed to get in. The poor butler didn’t even know he let me in. Mason’s home was nothing special, except for his panic room downstairs. It looked like he had converted it into his resting spot for the daytime. While there I infected his computers with my backdoor program.

From there I made my way to Mason’s Office. Using lock picks and thaum I breached his security. Or at least I thought I had. While I was looking through his files a couple of cops showed up. I grabbed a stack of files on some politician he had worked for a few years back and left the cabinet open. Just as the cops entered the filing room I cloaked myself from their sight.

The cops called Mason’s office manager (and/or Mason). The Manager (and/or Mason) came down and looked around, confirming that a stack of files on some politician had been stolen. The cops and the manager (and/or Mason) was there for only about an hour. They left locking things up again. This gave me time to finish going through the office. Again nothing of much interest, and again I infected his office computers.

My haven was the next stop. I hacked the phone company(s) that Mason used for his home, office and cell phones. I placed a legal looking tap on all of his lines, with all the data being sent to the Seychelles. The tap included voice, faxes, data, and GPS locations.

The rest of my day was used updating my programs.


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