Rumors say that an Elder Gangrel by the name of Gerber was the first vampire to settle in the Truckee Meadows. He claimed lordship and Domain of the area. Other Kindered moved into the area as the Kine population exploded. This brought with it political strife. Early in the 1900s a Ventrue Ancilla came to claim Reno as his own. Gerber rebuked the Ventrue violently. It is said the Elysium was painted in the blood of the Ventrue.

Gerber decided to place the Ventrue’s childer, Anne Johnson, as Seneschal to remind other Kindered what he does to those that oppose his rule. Johnson took up the role, afraid to go against the wishes of Gerber. Over time Johnson became more of a defacto Prince. Gerber would rarely be seen, attending Elysium or Council meetings once a decade or less.

Johnson ruled fairly, making herself available to even the neonates of the city. In 2006 a group of Neonates backed by an Independent moved against the Praxis. Gerber called Blood Hunt on those that supported the coup and disappeared, never to be seen again.

The Tremere Justicar arrived shortly after to help stabilize a city in chaos on the edge of the Anarch Free State. He declared a young neonate, William Black, Prince of the City. Many of the Elders and Ancilla of the city balked at the idea of kneeling before a neonate and disappeared into the sands of time. Most likely waiting and planning as Elders do.

Black Held the Praxis for a very short time. Within the month of his appointment a clanmate of Black’s, Isabelle Paride, took the throne from him. Rumors say that she was backed by an Archon or even the Ventrue Justicar. Other say she brokered a deal with the Nosferatu to build a small army to destroy Black.

Paride has held the Princedom for five years now. Like most Princes she makes herself available to the Primogen Council, the Seneschal and the city officers. Neonates are expected to go through their Primogen and in turn the Primogen though the Seneschal to have face to face meeting with the Prince. While it is not unheard of for Neonate to meet with the Prince, she does expect protocol to be followed.

Paride’s Seneschal, Richard Liewellyns, is the polar opposite of the Prince. He is hard, ruthless, ill-tempered, and cold. He seems to have extensive sway over the Prince. Some rumors say he is the true power of the city, and Paride is nothing more than a puppet in case Gerber ever returns.

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